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Mike Beckett saved my life. The police charged me with a bunch of crimes I didn’t commit against my evil ex-wife and step-daughter. If I was found guilty I would have gotten a long jail sentence of many years. I hired a local lawyer at first but quickly realized I needed someone better and I called Mike. He took on my case and travelled to where my case was and fought hard for me and got the case dropped completely. I was impressed with how professional he was to me and my family and how good he is in court. THANK YOU MIKE!!!!!


I just wanna thank Mike for everything! I was charged with a serious sexual offence that carried jail time and he managed to negotiate a plea deal to a lesser offence that allowed me to avoid jail. I can finally move forward and leave the past behind me. It’s a new beginning for me all thanks to Mike. Highly recommended, easy to talk to.


I was charged with assault and Mike and was able to get the best case scenario for me by getting Crown to drop my charge, and he was very upfront and well-informed in regards to my situation. I never had a doubt he had my best interest in mind!!


Super friendly and his knowledge and experience tells you at first meeting or consultation that he will get you out of anything. I am very happy from the help and services he offered me. Plus I will really recommend hiring Mike as your lawyer if you get charged or arrested. He is the man of the ethics and follow them. He recommended various things to keep my stress out and today with his help I am free of everything that was on me. He deserves 50000/50000 stars. Thank you Mike!


I was charged with a number of serious sexual offences and hired Mr. Beckett. He took my case all the way to trial and defended me and I was found not guilty. My life was destroyed because of this mess and the only way Iv’e even been able to begin to pick up the pieces is because I was found not guilty and that is because of Mr. Beckett. Thanks Mike.


If you ever get stuck with criminal charges, Mike is the best lawyer to go to. His attention to detail, examining the evidence, cross-examining the witnesses, negotiating with Crown Counsel, and his interpersonal skills are top notch, beyond any doubt. Mike has years of experience dealing with very complex legal matters and it shows in his work. Hiring the right defence attorney can change the outcome of the case and your life, so I would very highly recommend Mike, in a heartbeat. Not only you get best support and legal guidance, but flexibility with payment plans too. He got me acquitted in a really complex assault charge which was fabricated against me. Kudos for all the hard work you do for your clients.


Mike Beckett is hands down the best lawyer!! I was looking at a 9-month jail sentence, and I only ended up getting 14-days in jail with no probation, no fines, absolutely nothing! Thanks to Mike Beckett I was given a fresh start. If you have criminal charges, then don’t wait to call Mike today!


Much respect to Mike Beckett who won my case at trial! Great lawyer! His staff were always helpful and polite during this difficult time in my life. Definitely recommend these guys if you’re in trouble.


Sometimes the unexpected happens and you need to have highly competent lawyer on your side and for that, I’d highly recommend Mike if you need a criminal lawyer. I was in a situation where I was charged with spousal assault. I contacted Mike on a Saturday for my first appearance the following Monday morning and he accepted my case after hearing my story. We first tried to resolve the case without going to trial but when there was no other option but to go to trial, Mike guided me and fought my case and got me acquitted. I’ll forever be thankful to him.


Mike recently defended my 17 year-old son on a sexual assault charge. He was kind, patient and understanding with my son and answered every question that he had. He went above and beyond to ensure that my son knew the legal process and the steps involved with a criminal trial. He took the time to make sure that we were okay during one of the most stressful periods of our lives. During the trial it was clear that Mike knew exactly what he was doing with the case and we were extremely confident in his abilities. My son was acquitted and we are so grateful for everything he did for us. If you are needing a lawyer that is exceptional…we highly recommend Mike Beckett.


Michael Beckett was retained to defend my daughter in a criminal driving case after a bad accident. At no time during his meetings with us did he make any promises or speculations about the outcome of the case. His fee structures were reasonable and acceptable. In the end he was able to win the case for my kid. I would definitely retain mike and have him represent me.


I was being charged with trafficking a large amount of a controled substance and looking at major jail time. Mike used his expert knowledge in criminal law and was able to the persuade the judge to a not guilty verdict. Mike Beckett is an incredible lawyer who knows the law very well. I know for a fact, first hand, that he will get you the absolute best results. Because I had Mike Beckett as my Lawyer I’m a free man.


I was charged with driving while prohibited which for a penalty I would have received a 12 month driving suspension and a $2,000 fine. After my first consultation with Mike Beckett, his confident yet down to earth demeanour immediately reassured me. Through Mike’s knowledge and hard work, he persuaded the Crown to agree to a lesser charge, avoiding the driving suspension and reducing the fine to a fraction of the original fine I faced. I am tremendously grateful for the positive outcome that Mike was able to achieve for me.


I was struggling with a bad addiction to drugs and got charged criminally with impaired driving and over 80 after an bad accident. I thought for sure I would go to jail and have a criminal record but Mike Beckett was able to get rid of my criminal charges completely and avoid me a criminal record. Mike also helped me get treatment for my addiction and I’m almost 5 months clean and sober. He literally changed my life. Thank you so much Mike!


I’ve had the pleasure of privately retaining Mike recently and must say I was blown away with the results! His professionalism was only matched by his knowledge and charisma. If you value your future and freedom, Mr. Beckett is the clear choice. Thank you Mike! Your prowess as a lawyer is unmatched.


Mr.Beckett is a trustworthy legal professional. I owe him my heartfelt and most sincere thanks for the dedication he showed me during my time with him. Thank you for explaining everything so clearly and presenting me with a strategy that helped to win my case. I would not hesitate recommending Mike to anyone!


Mike Beckett represented me for a trial and got me acquitted of all of my charges! I would recommend him to anybody who needs a criminal lawyer. He was awesome!


Mike was my lawyer for a criminal case and he did wonders for me. I would and will advise whoever I know to use his professional legal services. 5 star guy. Thanks Mike. You were a godsend.


Mike is very reliable and confident. I felt comfortable talking to him. I had been charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon. He was able to negotiate on my behalf and have both charges against me dropped before it even got to trial. He was also kind enough to offer a payment plan. He’s very approachable and always willing to answer and explain. I will certainly recommend him to anyone that may need a criminal defence lawyer in the future. Thanks Mike!


I was charged with possession of heroin. It was my first-ever criminal charge and came as a result of an addiction I developed after getting into a car accident. I was scared of having to tell my family and being unable to travel to China to see my grandparents. Mike Beckett sat down with me and put my mind at ease. He explained the process and what he would be able to do for me. I left his office feeling much better about things. He kept me updated every step of the way. One day I got a call from him telling me that he was able to persuade the Crown to drop my charges. I’ve since completed addiction counseling, turned my life around, and have no criminal record. Thanks Mike! You’ll never know what you’ve done for me!


Of all the lawyers I met with, Mike Beckett was the only guy that presented me with a straightforward plan to defend my charges. He explained to me exactly what he would do for me instead of just boasting about his record, and in the end he was able to successfully negotiate with the prosecution and persuade them to drop all of my charges.


Mike Beckett helped turn my life around. Alcohol and depression got me into a really bad situation with the RCMP. I thought there was no way out and I would end up with a permanent record that would ruin my career. Mike worked with me step-by-step through the legal process and convinced the Crown to withdraw all of my charges. Since then, my life has literally done a 180-degree turn for the best. I cannot thank Mike enough.


I was about to be charged with a criminal offence, but Mike Beckett’s help allowed me to avoid the charge altogether. Had I been criminally charged I would have had a permanent record, which would have made travelling around the world difficult if not impossible. He was very knowledgeable, sincere, patient, and explained the entire legal process and all possible outcomes surrounding the case, which gave me absolute confidence in his abilities. Out of a dozen other criminal lawyers I contacted he was the only one who was proactive in getting me out of the situation before the charge was laid, and he was successful in helping me in that regard. I would recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges.


I am very thankful for all Mike’s hard work. I was very impressed with my experience and I would use Mike Beckett again in the future if necessary.


Mike Beckett did a great job representing me. He’s very knowledgeable, approachable, and professional. It was really awesome how he was willing to arrange a payment plan for me when I was tight on money and how he managed to resolve of my issue and get a favorable outcome. I would definitely hire Mike and have him represent me if ever needed again.


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