Motor Vehicle & Traffic Offences

Mr. Beckett has successfully defended or clients against a broad array of British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) offences, including, but not limited to:

Drivers who receive too many violations or points on their driving record may be prohibited from driving by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. Mr. Beckett understands that losing your driver’s license for any period of time can have a devastating effect on your life. He therefore approaches every traffic violation ticket and driving prohibition seriously.

In addition, Mr. Beckett has also successfully represented individuals facing and seeking to review the British Columbia’s Superintendent of Motor Vehicle’s:

Now is not the time to delay! Your ability to continue to drive is too important. In all cases, you are well advised to immediately speak with Mr. Beckett so he can evaluate your case, get your side of the story, and relentlessly defend you against your charges.

“If you have been charged with or are under investigation for any of these offences — contact Metro Vancouver criminal defence lawyer Michael Beckett NOW for a FREE and confidential consultation about your case!”