Robbery & Extortion

Robbery may be committed in several ways, but generally involves taking or the intended taking of another individual’s property without their permission while using or threatening to use violence, weapons or both.

Extortion generally involves trying to obtain something through the unreasonable and unjustified use of threats or violence against another individual.

Robbery and Extortion charges are serious and should be addressed by a lawyer as soon as you become aware of the fact that you have been charged or are under investigation. While the sentence for a robbery or extortion conviction will depend on the circumstances of each individual case, a conviction for any criminal offence will result in a criminal record, which can negatively impact many areas of your life including your reputation, your ability to maintain or obtain employment, and your ability to travel to other countries like the United States. In addition, a conviction for these offences may carry other penalties, including a potentially lengthy term of imprisonment.

Now is not the time to delay! Your reputation, future, and freedom are too important. In all cases, you are well advised to immediately speak with Mr. Beckett so he can evaluate your case, get your side of the story, and relentlessly defend you against your charges.

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